Write and Sell Ebooks - Tell Me How to Do Something

If you have writing skills, writing ebooks is one of the easiest ways to make money online. A popular dieting eBook on an affiliate network made $21 million in just 12 months. This shows you just how popular ebooks are. People love and buy ebooks because they provide instant solutions.

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Writing and selling ebooks isn't complex. People go online looking for information. They're asking "how do I ______?" Tell your readers how to do something, and your ebooks will sell.

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1. What Do People Want to Know How to Do?

People want to learn how to do all sorts of things. They may want to learn how to lose weight, how to create a blog, or how to sell their home. There are endless possibilities for eBook topics, so if you have an idea for a potential topic ask your friends whether they think it's a good idea. Would they buy a book on this topic?

2. Keep It Short and Keep It Positive and Inspirational

I've seen many ebooks which are 300 pages in length. This is a sad mistake. People aren't buying information by the pound; people buy ebooks because they want information they can put to use immediately. They don't want to read a long-winded tome giving the history of the topic, and other useless information that they can't put into action straightaway.

Keep your eBook short. 100 pages should be the absolute upper limit. If you can say what you've got to say in 50 pages, then 50 pages is long enough. You should also keep your ebooks positive and inspirational. People buy ebooks for inspiration, and it's your job to provide that.

3. Sell It Now: You Can Update Your Ebooks Easily

Here's a common ebook-writing pitfall that you can avoid very easily: endless procrastination because you feel you may have left something out. Remember that you can update your ebooks easily. You should update your ebooks after you've released them, because people will ask you questions. So revise an eBook after it's been on sale for three or four months, and then revise it and update it once a year.

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Realizing that you can update your ebooks as fresh information comes to hand stops you procrastinating. Even if you think your eBook isn't perfect, offer it for sale. As an eBook writer, you have a great work from home business with immense potential: get started writing today.